How do I update my Facebook Account?

Facebook has come a long way since its early days. From being used by just college students, Facebook is now the biggest and most popular social network platform in the world. It is widely used by a lot of people all over the world.

Facebook grants unlimited access to its platform once you create an account. It only requires you to have an active email address, and be at least 13 years old before you can create a Facebook account.

Facebook prohibits you from having multiple accounts. It is against the rules of Facebook and as such attracts a penalty. One or both accounts will be disabled or even deleted. Having multiple accounts on the Facebook platform enhances fraudulent activities. It can be used to harm unsuspecting users on the Facebook platform.

Features of Facebook

Facebook has a lot of features or attributes that make it stand out from all other social media platforms. Some of these features are discussed below:

Timeline: this refers to your personal profile on Facebook. It is where you share your pictures and videos, update your status, upload a cover photo, edit your personal information and add new events to your profile. Your timeline can be viewed by your friends.

⦁ Birthday alert: Facebook sends you daily notifications of your friend’s birthdays. This feature is important because you may not be able to remember all of your friend’s birthdays. It saves you the stress of having to apologize for not remembering your friend’s birthdays. This is my favorite tool on Facebook.

⦁ Download all of your Facebook Activities: this attribute of Facebook is not known to many users. Facebook allows you to download a copy of everything you have done since you joined Facebook. All of your posts, including pictures and videos will be downloaded to your device. This feature is handy in case you ever decide to delete your Facebook account. You would not need to worry about losing all your files.

⦁ Legacy Contact: The truth about life is that everyone will eventually die. In anticipation of this fact, Facebook has made it possible for you to choose a “Legacy Contact”. This person will be in charge of your account after you pass on. Your Legacy Contact will be able to update your profile and cover photos, accept or decline friend requests, and download your Facebook data. You can still choose to have your Facebook account deleted when you are dead.

⦁ Transfer money: Facebook users can now easily send money to their friends. This feature was introduced mainly to allow Facebook users to purchase products and make in-game payments. There are no extra charges associated with using this feature. The sender and receiver must have a valid debit card in order to be eligible to use this service.

⦁ Make a Fund Raiser: Facebook enables you to raise funds for various projects that are dear to you. These funds could be for your own personal use or on behalf of another person or organization. This feature allows you to raise funds via donations. Facebook has to approve fundraising campaigns before they go live, and they also charge a fee for “Operations and Processing”.

How to Update your Facebook

You can update your Facebook profile when necessary by filling out or changing your information such as; Profile picture, Education, Religion, Location, Work, Gender, Contact info, Family members, etc. in the “About” section of your Facebook page.

Updating your profile picture helps boost daily interactions. It lets your friends know that you are active on Facebook and will encourage them to connect with you. Imagine having a friend who has not changed his profile picture for months, you would conclude that he is no longer active on the social media scene. Also, updating your current location on Facebook makes it easier for your friends who are within your location to connect with you.

You can update your Facebook profile by following the instructions below:

⦁ Log in to your Facebook account.

⦁ From your News Feed, click on your profile picture located on the top left of your Facebook app.


⦁ Click on “Edit Profile”.


⦁ Click on “Edit” in the section that you want to edit, and then save.


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