How do I view blocked list on Facebook?

The world has become a global place, all thanks to the internet. Through the internet, social media platforms were created, and over time, they have become ingrained into our lives. Hardly any day goes by without us visiting a social media platform, whether to connect with friends or simply to get information about what is going on in our world.

Facebook is the most used social network platform in the world. It has over 2 billion active users (MAU). This puts it way ahead of every other social media platform and also indicates that it has been able to effectively solve the problem of people not being able to connect with family and friends who are not within a reasonable distance.

The huge number of monthly active users found on Facebook makes it a necessity for business owners and brand managers. With Facebook, a huge number of potential customers can be reached, and this, in turn, boosts traffic to your website and consequently boosts sales. Facebook is as important for business as it is for connecting with friends and family.

Facebook is a free social media platform; no payment is required for using Facebook. This makes it possible for almost anyone who is above 13 years old to create an account. Fraudulent people and people who may mean you harm are also on Facebook. Care should be taken to protect you.

Facebook makes it possible for you to ‘block’ those whom you don’t want to have access to you. This blocking tool enables you to cut off every form of communication with such persons.

Reasons Why People Get Blocked On Facebook

People get blocked on Facebook for several reasons such as:

⦁ Being negative: some persons are very negative and pessimistic about life. They tend to complain about any and everything. Nothing or no one ever satisfies them. They spread negativity to everyone connected to them on Facebook. You just have to block them to be free from their negativity.

⦁ Feuding with other people online: some persons have the habit of engaging in fights. They throw caution to the wind and engage in all forms of verbal assault. These persons are certainly not whom you should be friends with, especially when they feud with you. It is best to block them.

⦁ Malicious intent: once you discover that a friend on Facebook has evil intentions towards you, it is best to block them. Sometimes, people will set up fake Facebook accounts just to extract information from you. Once you become aware of this, block them!

⦁ Unsolicited invites: this is a cool reason for blocking someone on Facebook. Imagine being added to several groups by a Facebook friend, especially when these groups are not helpful to you in any way and are usually groups you would want to avoid. It is best to block this user to avoid such occurrences in the future.

What Is Facebook Blocked List?

Every ‘blocking’ action taken on Facebook results to a ‘blocked list’. The ‘blocked list’ gives you an overview of all the people that have been blocked by you. You are also able to remove people from the list whom you feel should no longer be on the blocked list.

You can block people from sending you an instant message, block events from sending you invitations and even block apps from contacting you. It is essential to make use of this tool to ensure that your Facebook account is under your control at all times.

How To View Blocked List On Facebook

It is very necessary to view your blocked list on Facebook. This keeps you properly informed and ensures that only those people who ought to be blocked at a particular time are blocked.

Your Facebook blocked list can be viewed by following these steps below:

⦁ Log in to your Facebook account with your credentials.

⦁ Click on the ‘either’ on the top right corner of the screen.


⦁ Click on ‘Settings’ under ‘Settings and Privacy’.


⦁ Scroll down to ‘blocking’, then click on it.

⦁ Your ‘blocked list’ would be shown.


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